The past 20 years I travel at least three or more months trough South France. I start by the profweek of photo festival RENCONTRES ARLES. After past year, summer 2014 I travell more south for rooming trough Spain and Portugal. For the mean goal, to test GREENIE, a Landrover Discovery 1. Also Off ROAD.......

She, GREENIE shall become next years my soulmate on a long travel trough Latin America. This idea I have developed for after retiring. Just now, back at my home at Monnickendam, at Netherlands, 20 km North of Amsterdam. Doing all my administrative things there.

Also I need to do some maintenance on my house and barn outside. 

I am in transfer to new projects to, hope that my exposition from the Bs-As City photos can be some while longer at the Monnickendam library, I have take away my serial MAESTRO'S DE MILONGAS AT BEUNOS AIRES from Colon (Germany) They are for show at Utrecht(M-brace) My columns in PRETTIG WEEKEND can’t continue because of the format ideas from the editor. Now You can read my columns in DUTCH on WWW.WERELDEDITIE.NL, ARGENTINE  to choose when I am not with my last column on the openings page.

Endless this summer have I read the book “ WILD SWANS” from JUNG CHANG “THE THREE DAUGHTERS FROM CHINA”........

WAAAAUUUWWW what great document about the terrible things was going on in this country the past century, occupying by JAPON,  the civil war, and than the terrible regime of the communist MAO !

If you want to know about the life  of common people in this country in the past century, read this book 1991 by Globalflair LTD 655 Pag.

Next months I my focus on my energy, beside dance a lot of tango,

making some new exhibitions, cleaning my house, painting my windows, preparing my GRENNIE, BUDDY, KAMELEON, and a new object: GRATIE, a smal saloncruiser from 9,5 meters long.

During the IDFA I have used here as my AMSTERDAM-HOTEL!


ALL ABOUT MY actual Activity's: (LAST upgraded 1 JAN. 2015)

As you can see my photos in this page, I have taken a lot of photo’s pas months from Three Graces. Its my theme on

witch I still work now. Also the last three exhibition in my Gallery at Buenos Aires had this theme, Nov 2007 sculptures, at December 2007 from paints in January 2008 other objects.

        <3>   =   “Three Graces” or in Dutch: Drie Gratiën

                          In Castilliano:  “TRES GRACIAS”.

I have make a little try-out book with 40-50 photo’s with this item and some philosophic text and poems about sensual, erotic and sexual items. Its time for a bigger projext now, mabey a HD-CANON book!

about me:

  1. -Story writhing by my photo’s

  2. -Documental People photography

  3. -Landscapes, special nature objects

  4. -Special projects: Toilets, Art objects with a woman with one breast naked

  5. -Three Graces in al forms I discover.

  1. -Magazine GEO

  2. -Classic Club Car magazines

all Copyrights:ARIE KLOK/


some of my last photo’s about my actual theme:


Photo: Copyright: Riet Dorrestein

PRICES: Sealed on 5 mm foam  | Also I can send a photo as a digital

with passepartout black carton  | file with the permission for the

Prices of all    20x30 cm  €50   | printing ONE big copy, only for

the photo’s    30x45 cm €100   | personal use; after paiment on my

as publicized 50x75 cm €500   | bank account with printadvice.          

Alu-framed   70x100 cm €600  | This price each photo:  250 €uro


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